Ice Dam Removal Service

Ice Dam Steaming

Peak Ice Dam Specialists utilizes only the most advanced techniques and state of the art steaming equipment to safely and efficiently remove hazardous ice dams from your roof. Our low pressure, non-invasive steamers melt ice away with ~290 degree steam - this combination of low pressure, high temperature steam cuts through ice while leaving your roof unscathed.

Don’t let high pressure power washers or chiseling away with a hammer or ax ruin your roof - steaming is the ONLY safe way to remove ice dams without risking damage and repair to your roof and shingles. Save thousands of dollars in headaches and repairs and give Peak Ice Dam Specialists a call today! The best time to stop an ice dam is now!


Roof Snow Removal

Removing excess snow buildup from your roof is an excellent preventative measure to help ward off ice dams from forming in the first place. If you find your roof buried under a thick blanket of snow, give us a call and we’ll employ both roof shoveling and steaming techniques to preserve the health of your roof. When you hire Peak Ice Dam Specialists to take care of your ice dam issues, we will also ensure any excess snow build up in problem areas is removed to help prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Whether you need your roof cleared after one big snow, or would like to get on our schedule for regular removal with each storm to leave you worry free, we can help. Don’t leave excess snow buildup on your roof unattended - curb future issues from arising down the road and give us a call today!

General Ice & Snow Removal

Is your sidewalk or walkway a sheet of ice? Snow and ice build up in your gutters leading to risk of damage and replacement? How about a frozen septic tank? Our steamers are effective at more than just removing ice dams - if you have ice build up causing issues and aren’t sure where to turn, we can help!


Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Ice Dam Removal Service Area

Peak Ice Dam Specialists provide ice dam removal, and rooftop snow removal in Northern and North Central Wisconsin and Upper Michigan:

  • Minocqua
  • Rhinelander
  • Eagle River
  • Tomahawk
  • Merrill
  • Wausau
  • Boulder Junction
  • Manitowish Waters
  • Presque Isle
  • St Germain
  • Land O Lakes
  • Sayner
  • Three Lakes
  • Crandon
  • Lac du Flambeau
  • Park Falls
  • Upper Michigan
  • Ironwood

Stop Roof and Water Damage Before it Happens

Don’t let ice buildup on your roof cause damage to your home - ignoring ice dams can lead to a leaky roof and cause extensive water damage and repair bills to boot. The costliest thing you can do to an ice dam is to leave it alone!

The only safe way to effectively remove ice dams and prevent damage to your shingles, gutters, and subsequent water from entering your home is to attack the problem at its source through the use of low pressure steaming. We have the equipment and resources to tackle any ice dam problem and leave your roof ice free, and your minds worry free.

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